DTS Raeburn can provide tailor made solutions for a wide variety of geotechnical investigation and design issues. Our expertise includes:

Planning including historical desk studies, walkover surveys, design and programming of fieldwork by qualified and experienced staff.

Fieldwork including soft ground boring, rock drilling, trial excavations and installation of instrumentation in all terrains and geological conditions. Capability for working in difficult access conditions and confined spaces.

Testing including access to fully equipped soils, rock and chemical laboratories holding UKAS accreditation for all routine geotechnical applications.

Reporting; Comprehensive factual and advisory reporting by Chartered and graduate status Geologists and Civil Engineers, including the following:

  • Ground Investigation Reports and Geotechnical Design Reports in accordance with Eurocode 7
  • Foundation engineering and pavement design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Earth retaining structures including retaining wall design
  • Groundwater studies and hydrological modelling