DTS Raeburn can provide tailor made solutions for a wide variety of environmental issues. Our expertise includes:


Phase I desk study and site reconnaissance including

  • Archival researches of previous land use including visual inspection of site and surrounding area.
  • Consultations with statutory bodies.
  • Preparation of Initial Conceptual Site Model and Qualitative Risk Assessment.
  • Design and planning Phase II intrusive investigation where applicable.
Where required, our Phase I desk study reports are designed to satisfy the objectives of both a "preliminary investigation" as defined by BS10175:2001 and a "preliminary risk assessment" as defined by CLR11.

Phase II Intrusive ground investigation including

  • Near surface sampling by hand and machine dug trial pits.
  • Cable percussion and window sample boreholes. We also have the capability for deeper borehole investigations (including rotary coring). Other drilling methods such as static cone penetration testing are also considered and recommended where appropriate and cost-effective.
  • Soil and groundwater sampling by appropriately qualified Geo-environmental Engineers in accordance with methodologies specified by BS10175:2001
  • Design and implementation of environmental monitoring programmes including the installation of long-term monitoring facilities for gas, groundwater and leachate.


Through our sister company, DTS Raeburn has access to laboratory testing facilities for the chemical analysis of soils, groundwater, leachates and landfill gas, all in accordance with current standards, including UKAS and MCERTS requirements as applicable.



  • Comprehensive factual and interpretative reporting by qualified and experienced Geotechnical / Geo-environmental Engineers and Environmental Consultants.
  • Generic and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments of ground contamination in accordance with procedures outlined in CLR11.
  • Environmental due diligence reviews.
  • Risk/liability assessments.
  • PPC baseline surveys.
  • Site Decommissioning and Surrender Site Reports.